Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery 74777

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Product Packaging:Standard Packaging


  • This 12-volt battery has been designed to fulfill rigorous Power Wheels requirements in order to provide the best possible performance
  • Use with: Fisher-Price Power Wheels Advanced Series vehicles Type 12V battery system only
  • With internal, self-resetting fuse; also comes with an instruction booklet containing important safety information
  • Use only with approved Power Wheels vehicles of the appropriate type specified
  • Overcharging or under-charging the battery may shorten battery life and decrease vehicle running time. The battery must be upright while charging.

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Product Description

This replacement battery is for use with a Power Wheels 12-Volt 9.5 Amp/Hr vehicle. Be sure to read the enclosed instruction booklet for important safety information before installation and use.

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March 25, 2017
We read all the reviews and decided to try it. The battery that came with the ride on was dying...We followed the directions about how long to leave the battery plugged in, etc. This held a charge for maybe 20 minutes one day and then never charged again. I would give it 0 stars if possible - particularly because there is no way to return the item. We tried - that option isn't there on this one! Save your money and spare your child's emotions! Do not buy!

Update:I called fisher price and they looked up the battery number - the battery sold here was manufactured BEFORE 2015. These batteries are only made to last for a year, used or unused. Fisher price will only cover warranty for 6 months from the manufactured date. I called Amazon and informed them of this problem and they issued me a full refund.
July 16, 2017
Amazon is really amazing. I actually had to return this item. Turns out I had a bad charger, not a bad battery.This new battery was not used or even opened. Tried to return it through normal process. Said I could not return for some reason. I requested a call, and my phone rang 2 seconds later. Guy helping was super cool. He said that since it is considered a hazardous material, it could not be returned, but not to worry because I could keep the battery and he would refund my purchase price anyway. Huh?? I would so have mailed it back to them for resale, but he said not to worry and just enjoy the extra battery and my refunded money. Very very cool stuff. Super happy with Amazon customer service, as always.....
January 6, 2017

We ordered this battery, a sealed lead acid battery, for our son's Power Wheels car.

The battery is supposed to hold 9.5Ah (9.5 Amp/hours) of electricity. It barely holds 3.56Ah would for current...

I suspect that most of these batteries have been sitting for some time, and this is why they no longer hold a charge.

I highly recommend you test this battery when you get it, as it the box said it was good until FEB2018...
April 18, 2017
Battery didn't last, I believe we received a used one. Bought in May 2016, used until October. Was fully charged and put away for the winter. Took it out in April 2017 and the children were only able to drive 30 mins before it died. I charged it again and it lasted a whole 10 mins! I am pretty upset!
June 6, 2017
Both in March of 2017- It is now the first week of June 2017- the battery is completely dead and has a white powder all over it. We believe we were given a bad battery. DO NOT BUY.
September 14, 2017
Bought this for my neighbor's kids as theirs wasn't holding a decent charge. This neighbor is constantly doing good things for us and will never accept anything for it, so we buy
August 1, 2016
a neighbor asked me if my five year old was interested in a pink cadillac escalade power wheels that her daughters outgrew and of course my child was excited. the battery was not reliable since it's been a couple of years since being used so i ordered this battery and it is perfect. has been running beautifully for a couple moths now and will happily recommend to others as a replacement.
July 23, 2017
perfect replacement to the factory one that wouldn't hold a charge. My son couldn't wait when he got the new battery. It did come charged. We played with his power wheel atv for a while with the new battery then put it on the charger for the night. Has been charging perfectly since we got it. Now my boys can race each other again.