Laser Christmas Light Projector, 8 Christmas Patterns + Starry Motion Laser Light Show with RF Remote Control for Indoor&Outdoor UPADALWAYS TECHNOLOGY INC.

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  • Christmas Theme: These laser lights display 8 Colorful Christmas Patterns (Remote Control Included) - Perfect for creating a festive atmosphere, this Laser Light projects both Red&Green stars and 8 Colorful Christmas Patterns onto any garden, exterior surface, or interior room.
  • Max Coverage - Covers over 600 square feet and projects up to 100 yards away.
  • Fully Automatic - Built-in timer works up to 8 hours, enjoy your amazing light show anytime.
  • Extreme Temperature Protection - -15℉ to 90℉ (-26℃ to 32℃), save time and energy with quick and easy set up.
  • Safety Certified- FDA and IP65 waterproof certified. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor use, parties, barbecues, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and all other holidays'.

Christmas Theme Lights
These amazing lights shows 8 different Christmas patterns, including, Christmas Trees, Jingle Bells, Snowflakes, etc. Great for kids and the whole family, also suitable for any outdoor and indoor activities.

High Quality
Our laser lights are made industrial grade level material, which is better than commercial grade materials. Never get caught in the cold, just wait 10 minutes for the lights to warm up and reach its full projection brightness.

Class of the Laser Product: Class IIIa, and laser projector is 3mW.
External main Color : Black
Color style : Red and Green Laser light with Eight various Christmas Theme Patterns
Included Remote control
Material :Plastic
Work temperature : -15℉ to 90℉ ( -26℃ to 32℃)
Projection distance : 10-30M ( The brightness may affect by distance or other lights)
Power Supply : Input: AC110v-AC2v 50 / 60HZ, Output: 12V 0.5A DC adapter
Product size : Diameter 99mm x 125mm
NW. : 0.7Kg

Package :
Projection Light Unit ×1
Power Supply ×1
Ground Stake(22CM) ×1
Tripod Stand(12CM) ×1
User Manual(English) ×1
Remote control×1(If the battery can not work, please kindly exchange its battery,battery mode is CR2025.)

Certifications :
Laser light fuselage : FCC, FDA, CE, ROHS, IP65
Adapter : UL/ CUL, Level VI efficiency, IP44

Includes 12-month warranty. Please contact us by email anytime and our customer service team will answer any questions you have.

Customer reviews(40)

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January 18, 2017
Ended up using it only a few days this year. We have a different brand which works better.

Pro: I like the color variations.

Cons: Mount is terrible. It wants to move and won't stay in position. I will work with it and see if I can modify it to work better. After a few days in the yard, it stopped working. Unplugged it and let it sit for a while indoors, plugged it in and it worked. I don't know if the cold and moisture was a problem for it. The other brand worked for the entire holiday. And, I didn't realize it didn't have a remote.
November 28, 2018
Received this product last week. I was confused by one of the reviews regarding "NOT to use with extension cord" so I called customer service. The lady clearly explained to me that only for a safety suggestion not to use any "NON-waterproof" extension cord during raining day for outdoor. Otherwise, it's totally fine to use extension cord. I setup one unit for the frontside of the house and the other unit for the palm tree in the driveway. The lights are so beautiful and sharp at night. We usually spent a couple of hundred dollars every year to have someone to hang our Christmas lights. With these laser lights, we won't need that hassle again. I am going to order one set for my parents as well and I am sure its the best gift for them and they are going to :-)
November 23, 2018
I've seen quite a few laser light projectors, but this is truly brilliant. Colors are intense, options make it fun and flexible.

The only downside is the inability to hook it up to another timer and keep a set program on the projector. The unit needs to be turned on by its own remote and then the program can be set. We set it up on our great room and projected on to the ceiling. Had a hard time convincing my wife that next season it will be moved outside! As a result of the inside use, we discovered that you can set the timer to turn the projector off, but you can't set it on another timer: it won't turn on! Not a deal breaker for us, but disappointing.
November 6, 2018
November 20, 2018
November 18, 2018
jason jones
November 28, 2018
Super flimsy feeling and not very impressive. My older ones are much much nicer. They are 4 years old and cost less
November 21, 2018
I was really dreading getting the ladder out this year to get on the roof and hang our lights up. To top it off, half of our led lights we bought just 2 years ago have already stopped working. Rather than spending 40-50 dollars on replacing the lights, I went with one of these. I have a 1500 sq ft house and it covers the entire front of the house very well. Extremely happy with my purchase.