Koziol Sahsa S Fruit Knife, Solid Cool Gray 3214632

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Color:Cool Gray


  • Ideal for fruit and vegetables: no oxidization
  • Perfect for cakes and Pies
  • Serrated cutting edge
  • Made in Germany
  • Design: Leif hansn, hvidovre
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free, Melamine free

Salsa is the new knife of choice for fresh fruit and vegetables. The unique plastic blade won't interact with citrus acid and the like, ruling out discoloration and oxidation. Thanks to a short, slender shape, it offers great handling and flexibility, making light work of peeling, scraping, slicing and stoning. And because the knife is molded as a single piece, the blade transitions seamlessly into the ergonomically designed grip, guaranteeing maximum cutting-edge control. When sahsa's work is done, it can simply hang out on the opening in the handle.

Customer reviews(15)

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I Do The Speed Limit
October 30, 2017
I do a lot of prep work when I cook. And I cook even days a week. I've had this so-called "knife" sitting on my counter for almost two weeks now, and I'm just not finding a use for it. It's duller than a knife, and it bends under pressure. It's uncomfortable to hold, too. It seems ridiculous to try to use this when a knife or a peeler works so much better.

I was picturing this gadget smaller than it actually is, and I was going to use it to remove skin from ginger. I had high hopes for it. In the picture, it looked perfect for the job of maneuvering around knobs of ginger. But it's too cumbersome for that job. The serrated edge of this is 4", and it bends/gives when I try to use it to scrape ginger. So, I end up exerting more pressure than ever to get the job done.

This gadget/knife is 7 3/4" long. Yes, I know that's exactly what it says down in the product description, but I never know if the dimensions are for the packaging or the actual item. And the hole opening is way too large to be ergonomic, and the material is smooth and hard. It's awkward to hold. I don't like it.

I even tried using it as a letter opener.....Worse results and more of a struggle than if I had used a butter knife. Just that observation is my perfect example of how this knife (doesn't) work.
Amy Dru
November 23, 2017
When I received this, I was a complete skeptic that it would cut butter, much less a fruit or vegetable. Alas, I was surprised that it Can!

It feels like a really sturdy plastic. The serrated edge is about 4 inches long. And, be careful, because it is absolutely capable of cutting your finger too!

I used it to cut everything from avocado to bell peppers. It was easy and cut well. The rounded handle made it easy ergonomically.

It can be washed in the dishwasher.

At $6, this is a nice kitchen knife gadget. I don't think it will replace a good chefs knife, but it will cut well. I've only used it a few times a week for a month. It does not seem to have dulled yet, but it's bound to dull at some point. And since it's plastic, it can't be sharpened. BUT it's $6 So can be cheaply replaced as needed.
October 26, 2017
It works okay.

Unlike the product photo, it's not a tiny little wedge with a perfectly circular ring -- it's a short-ish knife with a handle-hole big enough for me (an adult male) to hold comfortably.

As a peeler, it's pretty good -- bites into orange, lemon, and lime peels and does a good job separating the rind from the flesh.

But I grabbed this because I like to have slices of citrus in my drinks (e.g., a lime wedge with my gin and tonic), and it just doesn't do a great job cutting citrus. It's okay, but it's a serrated plastic blade, and it just doesn't give a nice, clean cut like how I like.
October 24, 2017
I like this idea a lot - for example, I always use a cheaper, dishwasher-safe knife to cut citrus for drinks, because I tend to want to leave it sit there for another use an hour later, but I don't want to subject my good knives to citrus for that long.

The execution is fine. The interesting shape actually works okay, and the whole thing is small enough to fit in the "random" drawer.

But it really wasn't meant to be. It works okay, but really only because the blade is serrated. It really isn't a clean, quick, or satisfying cut.
October 28, 2017
This knife works surprisingly well and it is pretty safe. I tried to slice my hand with it and it would not cut the skin - don't try this at home, but it does make it safer for children and people without knife skills. It did a neat job on slicing some fairly tough-skinned tomatoes. Bananas and soft fruits are a snap. It does pretty well on firmer veggies although it feels strange, more like sawing, which make sense, given the serrated edge. Comfortable to hold and very lightweight so good for travel or picnics.
November 5, 2017
Unfortunately, the juice isn't worth the squeeze. The knife isn't sharp enough for most jobs, and always seems to be the wrong size...sometimes too big, sometimes too small. It's actually pretty decent for desserts, but fruit is not its forte.

The quality overall seems fine...packaged well, holds up well in dishwasher, and no apparent breaks/scratches/etc.

I'd pass on this one that was better on the drawing board than the cutting board.
Clan Lindsey
January 16, 2018
My wife likes this OK, but I'm not sold. It's a little small for my male hand and I felt like it is a solution in search of a problem. I've been using knives all my life and just don't see why I need this. As for metal contamination/discoloration....while I have ceramic knives too. After 50 years I just prefer my knives. There's nothing wrong with it per se, it does cut fruit, but I've been doing that just fine for 50 years without it.
October 21, 2017
Made in once piece, this serrated polymer Fiberglas fruit knife has good ergonomics, grip, and feel. So far I've been using it to cut tangerines, oranges, lemons, and strawberries and it is very effective. Made in Germany, It is melamine and BPA-free. It would be excellent for kiwi, as well. If you're looking for a safe, BPA-free fruit knife, I can give this the highest recommendation.