Jura Impressa S9 Classic One Touch Espresso Coffee Machine (Black)

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  • ONE TOUCH CAPPUCCINO: Cappuccino, latte macchiato and other types of coffees are prepared at the touch of a button without having to move the cup.
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE COFFEE SPOUT: The coffee spout can be adjusted from 3 to 6 inches to accommodate different size cups.
  • ACTIVE BEAN MONITORING: The filling level of the bean container is continuously monitored optically to end problems with grinders running empty.
  • GRAPHIC DISPLAY: A mini graphic display shows the menu system with graphical cues such as fill water tank, press rinse, empty tray and many more.
  • ADDITIONAL SETTINGS: There are three temperature settings for hot water; low, normal and X-high. There is also an energy save mode as well as different cleaning options available

With its look in elegant black and upgraded design, this high-quality product is fully in keeping with contemporary trends and exudes superiority, solidity and competence. It impressively demonstrates these attributes with each coffee specialty that you enjoy. In addition, the Impressa S9 Classic actively assists you in saving energy.

One touch cappuccino

The Impressa S9 Classic will thrill you with cappuccino or latte macchiato prepared at the touch of a button, without you having to move the cup.

Height-adjustable coffee spout

Depending on whether you would like to enjoy a ristretto in a small cup or a latte macchiato in a glass, you can adjust the coffee spout from 3 to 6 inches.

Active bean monitoring

Active bean monitoring puts an end to problems with grinders running empty. The filling level of the bean container is continuously monitored optically.

Graphic display

A mini graphic display shows the menu system with graphical cues such as "fill water tank", "press rinse", "empty tray" and other cues.

3 temperature settings for hot water

There are three hot water settings to ensure you receive the exact temperature of hot water you want. The hot water can be prepared to low, normal or X-high for the perfect cup of coffee.

Energy save mode (E.S.M.)

You can also set various energy-saving modes on your Impressa S9 Classic. Modes such as “save no”, “save level 1”, and “save level 2” make your coffee machine more energy efficient.

Integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning program

Cleaning the Impressa S9 Classic is made easy with prompts and automatic rinsing’s. The rinsing can be initiated manually at any time or they will operate automatically at various times in the coffee-making process.

Customer reviews(17)

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H. M. Dillian
September 8, 2016
Awesome ... this is our second Jura Impressa S9. The first lasted almost ten years.
Atef Mankarios
July 23, 2016
it is supposed to be top of the line ,don't know how !!
i could never make a cappuccino with it .the so called (proffesional attachement is the worst thing i have ever experienced.
it is teduced to making coffe..just coffee ,can't get late out of it or cappuccino.the milk container i bought with it does not work .all the flimsy plastic tuebes don't fit each other ,and all are bloody useless the most expensive coffee only maker i have ..a big mistake.
Darius Sanandaji
August 27, 2016
I own two Jura Impressa units in Chicago And Naples and satisfied with them. This unit was bought as a present for my son's family in New York.The unit arrived defective with the coffee being dispensed from a wrong spout .My daughter in law is attempting to get this corrected.
Richard Barsotti
July 25, 2016
Best coffee machine I've ever owned.
Joan M.
August 1, 2016
We have had our machine for a couple of years now. We use it several times a day. It's set up for Espresso, American, Latte and Cappuccino. Consistency is spot on. I also have the stand alone creamer tank. I LOVE the machine... a bit less so the tank.
The tank has too many parts and can be difficult to attach the lid. When cleaning, I'm always concerned we're going to loose something down the drain. I think the whole thing only needs 3 parts (tank, lid, hose... instead of the seven). So, we only fill it when there's a bunch of people about.
California Dreaming
August 18, 2013
I've owned quite a few espresso machines now, most of them through Capresso. With Capresso, you learn to take the good with the bad, probably just like anything else. But I'll start with the bad.

I've asked them several times in the past to create a new machine with WiFi capabilities, or worst-case, at least an onboard USB port. This would allow over-the-air firmware updates, or perhaps even more important, remote testing by their techs. Why is this needed?

Well, when you've owned their machines for 15 years like I have, you will lean the following immutable fact: you will have problems. For example, after a couple years of use, their machines tend to have the following flaw: the tray on the bottom (used for water and ground coffee collection) has electronic sensors, where those sensors are used for the machine to determine if the tray is pushed all the way in. After awhile the sensors almost always get corroded, so the machine will always think the tray is out of the machine. Why is this bad? Well, the state machine in their coffeemaker then will no longer allow any state transition in their software, which means you can't make coffee if this happens. This currently requires a shipment back to the company on the east coast. (If they had wifi, they could bi-pass this requirement with a "hack" and you could at least make coffee, for example. And I'm sure there would be many other benefits, such as remote firmware updates, mentioned above.)

There is a screen inside the machine that always gets clogged, and once this happens, you can't make coffee. I have learned over the years to do the following every couple of weeks: pull out the tray and clean out the screen with a wet paper towel. This will keep the machine running smoothly. Oh, and at the same time, thoroughly clean the outside of the machine with hot water and a paper towel, at least, and perhaps at least spray out the inside of the bottom of the machine with hot water.

This machine has a "flaw" that I haven't seen in previous models. After you make coffee, when you power down, it goes into a quick rinse mode to clean parts of the machine that have been used. All well and good. But you have to stand by the machine and periodically hit a button multiple times so the cleaning will occur on multiple parts in succession. Why not just make this an all-in-one clean? Put a container under the nozzles, push a button, and walk away? It could just cycle itself without having me babysit. This is actually really annoying.

Now, it sounds as if I don't like anything about this machine at this point most likely. But here's the good, and the good makes up for all of the bad: attach an external milk container, put a coffee cup under the nozzle, and push one button. It grinds the coffee, brews the coffee, steams the milk, all right into the cup, all by itself. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

If you drink coffee everyday, this will probably pay for itself in one year, if you were to compare it to visiting Starbucks every morning. And I don't see a long line-up of people waiting to use my machine. But best of all, I don't have to endure all of those fake smiles and overly-friendly-early-morning greetings from those Starbucks employees, either. That's worth the cost, right there. (My apologies to Starbucks. They actually aren't all that bad, if you forget about the fact that, for the price of a coffee, you can feed a family in many countries.)
K. Gwilt
June 10, 2016
This machine makes great espresso and coffee. From that standpoint, it lives up to the Jura name for quality. The milk steam/frother however did not meet my hopes and expectations. It does not get the milk hot enough for the quality of latte I like. There is no way to change the heat setting on the automatic milk frother. I also had difficulty getting consistent frothing. I returned the machine after a month and purchased another brand with a manual frothing wand since Jura is not making machines with manual wands any longer.
August 30, 2014
I've only had it for a few days but I'm so enjoying playing with my new coffee machine and drinking the resulting the products! I never thought I'd splurge on something like this, but I figure now I can break my coffee store habit and make my own lattes at home :)

Update: After more than a month, I still love my Impressa S9. I've programmed my preferences as far as coffee, espresso, and latte, so it makes coffees to our personal preferences (my husband drinks coffee, I drink lattes, and my son occasionally asks me to bring him an espresso!). I love the one touch latte--I set up the milk, press start, and continue getting my breakfast and lunch together. When I'm finished, I pour my latte into my travel mug--easy peasy!

Yes, this machine IS a splurge! But I haven't been to the coffee shop (you know what I mean) since I got it, so I figure it's worth it...or it will be eventually :)