8 Pack Jewelry Resin Casting Molds Styles Pendant Silicone Mold for DIY Jewelry Craft Making, Come with 120 PCS Jewelry Screw Open Eye Pins Dropper Plastic Spoon Nail Art Glitter Powder Tbestmax


  • Package included 8 Pack Jewelry Pendant Molds & 120 PCS Screw Eye Pins & 2 Large Spoon and 5 Small Spoon & 12 Nail Art Fine Glitter Powder & 12 Velvet Powder & 5 Dropper.
  • Assorted shapes meet your need:32 crafting moulds shapes like star, heart, diamond, square, rectangular, round, etc. ^ - ^ TIP:2 kind of eye pin with 4 color each other.
  • Material: Made of clean and transparent, flexible resin epoxy silicone, resistant to tearing.
  • Widely Application: suitable for DIY handiwork, such as key chain, earrings, necklace,bracelets, jewelry pendant. A must-have Kit for the jewelry DIY lover or handicraft or the newbie to the resin, you could make your unique Christmas, birthday, new year gifts for your friends and family.
  • Easy to use and clean: flexible silicone, just twist the mould and the pendants will pop up when material solidification, easy to clean and reusable.

                                          Resin Casting Molds

What you can get

Jewelry Pendant Molds: 8 pack with 32 shapes.

Screw eye pins: 60 pcs with 4 color.

Open eye pins: 60 pcs with 4 color.

Fine Glitter powder: 12 kinds of color. 

Velvet powder: 12 kinds of color. 

Dropper: 5 pcs.

Big spoon: 2pcs.

Small spoon: 5 pcs.

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