Freemie Collection Cups The Only Hands Free and Concealable Breast Pump Milk Collection System, Clear, 25/28 mm Funnels Dao Health

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The Freemie Hands Free and Concealable Breast Pump Milk Collection Cups are an alternative milk collection system for use with the most popular electric breast pumps for single or double pumping. The with Standard Connection Kit for the most popular US pumps.

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July 29, 2017
I've been using these for 3 months now. Let's face it, I have a love-hate relationship with my Freemies, but as a (nearly) exclusive pumper, I just couldn't live without them.

Why I love them...

FREEDOM! I purchased these to use with my Medela PISA starter set ( and battery pack ( Before I discovered the Freemies, I was pumping on the go with my traditional funnel system, but the Freemies are much more efficient for on the go pumping. Just in the the first day, I cleaned, cooked, went for a drive, disconnected and pumped gas, helped a lady from Australia pump gas in her rental car (She never noticed. Also, do they have different gas pumps in Australia?!), drove home and continued pumping while walking inside... and then, my baby cried and I actually HELD MY BABY! I could now easily feed him while I pumped at the same time. That in itself was worth it to me because feeding him while pumping with the funnel system was always so impersonal before. I would prop him up on a boppy while I pumped, and it was awkward and difficult, especially if I needed to pick him up. If I was not able to feed my baby from the breast, I at least wanted to be able to hold him while he drank his bottle. This in itself meant the world to me! (Sincere THANK YOU to the inventor of the Freemies!) I also find that it is easier to become misaligned while twisting and reaching with the funnel system. The Freemies seem to stay in place better, but DO NOT bend over or reach forward! (More on that later...)

MODESTY. Aside from putting them in my shirt, I am never exposed. Honestly, I could probably maneuver in a way to even put them in without pulling my shirt down as far (unless it was a tight collar and I needed to insert from below), but I just find it easier to correctly align if I pull it down farther and get a good look at what I'm doing. The other day, I had lunch with a coworker while I pumped at work. She had literally no idea I was pumping until I pulled them out (even though I told her I was... she assumed I had just not hooked up yet). I have also pumped at get togethers at friends houses and everyone always remarks that they did not know I had them in until I mentioned it. That said, you will look like you have enormous boobs, something only very obvious to those who know you. One friend actually thought I had just gotten a new padded bra.

TIME. Before I got my Freemies, I would attempt to pump in my car but sometimes it was not worth hooking up because it took SO LONG with the funnel system that a lot of the time I wouldn't even bother setting up. The Freemies take no time at all to slip into your bra and plug up, and I find that I use them even for short drives. Oh, and did I mention NO MORE PUMPING BRA! YASSS!

SLEEP. Yes! It's possible! I have actually slept FLAT on my side with these in place. The cup is designed with one small hole (the pour spout) that faces upwards. This is also the insertion site for the tubes and is the only place that milk could escape. I simply inserted them sideways in my bra while I laid on my side with the hole facing upwards towards my armpit. I have also done this to pump one breast while my LO nursed the other while I laid on my side. (I have a massive oversupply and have to pump following bf'ing which is a huge pain so I love being able to multi-task.)

VOLUME. I can pump A LOT and can easily overfill a bottle if it has been more than 4 hours or so since my last pump (I easily pump 11+ ounces per breast with my morning pump) so I was worried that these would not adequately support large volumes. There are clear, hardly visibly markings on the side indicating 2-4-6-8 ounces, but I have actually pumped around 9 ounces in these without leaking, backflow, or other issues. It would appear that you could even pump more, but when the Freemies are removed and rested on their side, milk will dribble out of the pour spout if you have more than 9 ounces in the cups. As another user mentioned, these do not become weighed down and uncomfortable when pumping larger volumes as the funnel system does.

Why I hate them...

VISIBILITY. Or should I say lack thereof? I read a lot of reviews that mentioned that you could not see if you were properly aligned or if your milk was still flowing. Unfortunately, this is true. The cups are made of an opaque plastic (BUT WHY THOUGH?! Come on, your failing me, Freemie inventor!). I don't feel like it's as big of a deal with alignment as I can make sure I'm correctly aligned during insertion, but I always feel like I'm kind of winging it when trying to decide if I'm finished pumping. I usually just pump for about 5 minutes longer than it typically takes me using the funnel system just to be sure I'm empty (which, of course, I'm NOT sure, 'cause you can't be sure). One reviewer mentioned that she used the light on her phone to shine through the bottom. I tried this and even though I could see if I was aligned, I could not see if my milk was flowing. NOT. ONE. BIT. I even tried removing my bra (so that it didn't hinder the light) and shining the light directly through the bottom of the cup. Nope and nope.

PAIN. Oh, the pain! Let me preface this by saying that I use the Pumpin Pals flanges ( when using my funnel system which I find INCREDIBLY more comfortable than the Medela flanges! Side note to my fellow pumping mamas, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get a set of Pumpin Pals! They changed my life! (Or, you know, the large portion of my life that I spend pumping.) Like the Medela flanges, the Freemie flanges have a sharp angle that causes increased friction and raw nipples. Ouch! The Pumpin Pals do not have sharp angles but taper downward gradually are designed to pull the entire areola instead of just the nipple. Twice now, I have actually removed my Freemies to find the slightest amount of blood-tinged milk. That said, I had probably been pumping a good 45 minutes or so as I had lost track of time while cooking, cleaning, being free and untethered, and since they ALWAYS hurt at least little when pumping, I really didn't notice anything that was out of the norm. I will say that the level of pain is similar to that of the Medela. I have just been spoiled by my totally awesome Pumpin Pals.

SUPPLY. Since a few reviewers mentioned that the Freemies decreased their supply or were unable to efficiently empty them, I conducted an experiment where I pumped for about 5 minutes longer than I typically spend pumping with my funnel system (you know, since you can't see your milk flow) then removed my Freemies and continued pumping with my funnel system for another 5 minutes or so. I did this the first three times I pumped with them. The first time was during my first of the morning pump where I typically pump for a good 40-45 minutes and yield between 7-11 ounces per breast, depending on how long the babe let me sleep in that morning. I removed when the cups were about as full as they could be, measured 9 ounces, then continued to pump another 3 ounces with my funnel system. I felt as though this wasn't a conclusive result since I pumped far more than normal and could not be sure that I was empty when I switched to the funnel system even though I pumped for a good 45 minutes. The second time I pumped for 30 minutes, about 3 hours since my previous pump, and had a yield of about 3 ounces per breast. I switched to the funnel system and pumped another ounce between both breasts, so about a half ounce each. The third time was again, about 3 hours since my previous pump, and this time I made sure I was completely empty by emptying the Freemies after 30 minutes, then hooked back up to the Freemies, shined a light through the bottom while the cups were empty so that I could see if I had any milk flow before disconnecting. After a few minutes when I was sure there was no milk flow, I switched to my funnel system. During this session, I pumped about 3 ounces per breast with the Freemies and only an additional half ounce between both breasts (7.5 ml each breast) with the funnel system which is hardly anything. That said, I have been using these for about 3 months now, and, even though I haven't tested it like I did with my first three sessions using them, I actually do feel like I tend to pump a little bit on the lower side of my average when I use the Freemies, I suspect because of how uncomfortable they are. Because of this, I only use my Freemies when I have to, which can sometimes be 5 times in a day. At the very least, my first of the morning and last of the day pump will always be with my funnel system so that I can ensure that I am emptied adequately.

MILK IN TUBING. Be prepared that if you bend over or even lean forward to reach, milk WILL back up into the tubing. I have had it get all the way to the pump when I wasn't looking. Luckily it didn't ruin my pump. I removed the tubing from my pump and let my pump run without tubing to blow the milk out. I haven't had it happen in a while, but every time I have had it happen, I can attribute it to leaning forward or bending over.

Other things to note...

SPILLING. Some reviewers mentioned issues with spilling milk, but I actually find that I spill LESS milk with these than the traditional funnel system. Again, the only possibility for milk to escape is through the hole (or pour spout) at the top. You don't even really have to be careful, per se, when removing them and it's rather difficult to have any splash out.

POURING. This took a tiny bit of practice to get the hang of, and I recommend filling them with water and attempting to pour them the first time. I have found the best method is to pour quickly and with confidence to avoid dribbling.

VALVE BACKFLOW. Other reviewers referenced a backflow that occurs through the valve and into the flange where the nipple sits if you have pumped more than about 4 ounces. I wanted to clarify that backflow through the valve only occurs when the cup is removed and placed on it's side. The milk will slowly backflow into the flange (see picture). The milk does not overflow from backflow. At best, it makes it *slightly* trickier to pour, but not really once you have the hang of it. I have never had milk back up into the flange while I was actually pumping.

TUBING. The tubing that comes with the Freemies is a short pvc tubing (maybe 18-24
E. Blankenship
November 1, 2017
These connect to spectra pumps without any extra parts. They really should advertise that.
Amy M Towne
March 22, 2016
The best pumping accessory yet!!! This is my second go at breastfeeding. Although this time was successful getting my LO to latch, I'm a FT working mom with a commute, therefore need to pump.
What do I love about the collection cups?
1) I can drive VERY comfortably with these. This is crucial as my commute usually lands during my pump time and it's 40-45 min. A great way to multi task. What I love especially is that I put the cups in, go to my car, hook up the pump (yes I have multiple pumps, one for home, work and car) and go. I used to pump with the funnel system and well that was awful.
2) I can pump and be comfortable. As in, I crotchet and knit while pumping. I also have napped, yes napped. Although you can't lay down, you can slightly recline/prop yourself up, get cozy and catch some shut eye. I've done it, it's possible especially in the early baby days. My lunch time at work is spent pumping, and these are out of my way making eating easier
3) personally I hate seeing what's happening to my girls while I pump. This system covers it up. I don't see it, my 5 yr old boy doesn't see it, the people at my Moms Oscar party didn't see it....
4) they hold 8 oz. with the funnel system I had to be careful I didn't fill the small bottles, as I usually do in the am. The 8oz bottles would get so heavy and awkward. I have pumped 8oz in these with no discomfort.
5) I no longer do the pumping slouch. The cups are secure in my bra and there's no need to