Bamboo Baby Washcloths Soft Organic 7 Pack Perfect for Baby Bathing Skin Care Josh and Jill Baby Shoppe

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Color:Bamboo Green Baby Soft Yellow and White


Color:Bamboo Green, Baby Soft Yellow and White

Are you still using those old itchy, scratchy washcloths on your baby's delicate skin? If so, we have your solution! Introducing these 100% All Natural Bamboo Baby Washcloths by Josh and Jill Baby Shoppe. These super soft bamboo baby washcloths are hypo-allergenic, 100% all natural, & organic, which makes them the perfect washcloth for your baby's sensitive skin. Bath Time - Babies grow up so fast, so make bath time a happy time for you and your baby. Extra Absorbent Washcloths! Generous 10 inch x 10 inch size. On the Go - Keep a few in your diaper bag for quick clean up while traveling or meal time. Great for Baby Shower Gift - Each bamboo washcloth is accented with a baby blue ribbon that looks so cute in the package, which makes it ideal for a baby shower gift. Adorable colors for a boy or a girl. Multi Pack is Green, Yellow, White, or All Pink or All Blue or All White Pack. Adults Love Them Too - You can also use these bamboo washcloths for your face and easy makeup removal. Machine Washable - These bamboo washcloths get softer and softer with every wash. Don't wait any longer. Try our Bamboo Washcloths backed by our 100% No-Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee! We are a small business and your satisfaction means everything to us!! We're excited for you to use these soft adorable washcloths and we just know that you and your little one will love them. Only the Very Best for Your Baby! Order Today!

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June 19, 2017
FIRST PACKAGE ONLY: You can't get them out of the package without fraying the entire midline of some of the washcloths.

The glue on the bag flap is stuck to the washcloths....and the fabric is so fragile that they automatically fray no matter how careful you are.

The cloths might be nice but the packaging ruins them.

UPDATE: The owner is going to check their processing and also replace my package. Let's upgrade these stars. Thank you, Jill!!!

UPDATE #2: The first package had the washcloths stuffed in
Jennifer Dewar
September 26, 2017
These are the softest washcloths I've ever felt, but am afraid they might be a little too delicate. Two of the washcloths were heavily frayed after the first wash, to the point where there they're so thin in places they're almost not worth using. I'm torn on whether it's worth buying another package to replace them, or if I should try another brand, since 1/3 of the washcloths are in bad shape. The other 4 have seemed to hold up well, after another 4-5 washes.
July 2, 2017
I bought these for the purpose of drying my face after washing. These are super soft and I've washed them in warm water and dried them on medium heat just like they say. It came out no problems and are even more softer and more absorbent!
Only thing is...they are smaller then I thought they would be...
February 6, 2017
Wonderful washcloths! Snags a bit easily, which is why I didn't give 5 stars, but I love that one side is super soft and the other has tiny loops for gentle scrubbing. Forget babies--these are for me!!! LOL! Dermatologist told me years ago to use a non-synthetic baby washcloth to gently wash my face. I like these better than cotton!!
June 30, 2017
I read a lot of the reviews before buying these, but I was still skeptical. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The cloths are super soft, and they were thin- but they weren't thin like the skimpy baby washcloths you buy in chain stores. They did have some very slight texture so I felt like they were subtly heftier and would give a better clean. They did, while still being gentle and soft. I bought these for me because I hate my husband's harsh, textured washcloths. They didn't disappoint.

*UPDATE: I'm back for more! My new favorite. ud83dude42
John T. Jones
August 22, 2016
My wife has dementia and can not walk or stand. We need the clothes because her skin is very thin at age 81 and she bruises easily. I have to treat my eyes day and night for an eyelid disease which is not going to go away. Regular clothes just don't do it! John T. Jones, Ph.D. Buhl, ID
April 19, 2018
THE BEST washcloths you will ever find. Do not hesitate, so very soft and absorbent. Buying my third lot now before they are unavailable or something. You'll never buy another washcloth again. A couple slight snags just trim with scissors, totally worth it!!
Jordan Walter
September 27, 2016
I love these for two reasons: They are super soft and very high quality! The little one loves them, the Mrs enjoys washing her face with them and I even