60 Disposable Placemats for Baby and Toddler, Instant Table Topper to Avoid Germs at Restaurant, Each Placemat with Kids Friendly Calm Design, Plastic Adhesive Food Mat Safe for Feeding Children Cameron Frank Products

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60 Muchie Mats - 3 Packs with 20 placemats each

Individually folded and packaged in sets of 20 for busy parents that just want to make parenting easier.

STRESS FREE CLEAN UP - Just pull a sheet out of your diaper bag, stick onto the table, and serve your baby’s food directly on the mat. At the end of the meal, peel the mat from the table and bunch up anything your child left behind. No more greasy tables to clean!

KEEP YOUR BABY AWAY FROM GERMS - You want your child to explore with their food, but you don’t trust how clean the restaurant’s tables and high chairs are. Just cover with a placemat and be certain your child is eating on a clean surface every time. Even works on public picnic tables!

PARENT’S FAVORITE GIFT - As parents ourselves, we understand the benefits of parents sharing parenting hacks. Our family loves eating out at restaurants and these baby placemats are lifesavers. We can’t wait to share this benefit with your family and friends!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact us and we will provide a full refund for your troubles. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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Lauren Schmidt
September 22, 2018
Used as baby placemat when out at restaurants. The patten is cute and they work as expected. They are sometimes a little too sticky and hard to get off
The table but thatu2019s better than baby being able to pull them up I suppose!